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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Worker


Q: Do I need to pay for Registration?
A: No, registration is completely free; you just need a valid email address

Q: how can I complete a job?
A: You need login first, then you need to click on the job which you can complete; you must read all details provided by Employer. Then you need to click (I accept this Job) After you finished the Job, you will submit the proof required by employer and click on (I Confirmed I have completed this task)

Q:I completed the task now what next?
A: Employer will Review your proof, If he Satisfied with your work, he will mark satisfied and you will be paid instantly in you balance. If employer marked not Satisfied you will not be paid

Q: Employer I marked Not-satisfied with my proof what should I do?
A:As Employer will mark you Not Satisfied you will get notification in your account, you can communicate/Reply to Employer for More Guideline and satisfy him with your work till then campaign is Active and Employer can mark you Satisfied and you will be paid.

Q: I completed the task with right details and proof, Employer wrongly rated me, now what should I do?
A: you must contact to support with Job ID or title from Inbox of your Account, Support will review your proof and contact Employer, If Support Team found proof is right, you will be marked Satisfied & Paid.

Q:I submit the proof but still in pending review by Employer,
A: Our system check all pending Applications if Employer does not process for any Action for pending task till seven days since the  application submitted, System will mark you Satisfied automatically after seven days, you will be paid.(does not apply on Not-Satisfied task)

Q: Are there any administration fees when I complete a job?
A: yes , only if you marked satisfied,
a: Your first job is free from administration fees then 2nd job following bellow.
b: If the Job task is paying you over $0.11 there is  8% administration fees
c: If the Job task is paying you lower $0.11 there is  8% administration fees

Q: Are there any Deposit & Withdraw fees?
A: No, there is 0% fees from the total amount of Withdraw & 0% fees from the total amount of Deposit

Success rate

Q: What is Success rate?
A: Success rate is an important part for worker reputation and showing working experience.
You must Accept the job only which you are capable to complete ,Submitting Wrong proof will marked you Not satisfied and you success rate will be down. You must maintain your success rate above 75%

Q: how success rate calculated?
A: success rate calculated on your Satisfied & Not satisfied task which you have done since you joined.
If you have Not Satisfied jobs more Than Satisfied Jobs you Success rate will be down. You must maintain Your success rate all the time by selecting job only which you are capable to do.

(Pending task do not count in success rate)

Q:I can not do any job as it says my success rate is down?
Success rate goes below 75% will not be able to submit task or Withdraw funds
You Must Contact Employer(s) to Complete Job and change status to Mark Satisfied .As Employer(s) will mark Satisfied Your Success rate will be Increase automatically, and you will be paid also for task
if you think Employer Rated you Wrong Please Contact Support with Job Details we will reset the success rate after investigation.

Referral System:

Q: can I Invite my Friends or others?
A: Yes There are so Much benefits to invite friends and others,
a: you can Invite your Friends with your Referral Links and get a $1bonus.


Q: What is Bonus and How can I use it ?
A: When you signup you will get $1 signup Bonus deposit in you balance instantly.
Please note. Signup bonus is a gift and can be use to start a campaign only.

Q:how can I know that someone signup under my referral link?
A:you can see this in you account details by Click My Referrals,
You can see your referral balance also to know if they are really actively working.

Q:I have another question, what should I do?
A: please feel free to contact support by logging in your account, we will reply you as soon we read your message.

I am an Employer

Q: How can I Tell People to do micro job or small task for me?
A: you will need to add funds in your account depend on campaign cost and fees.
Then you will submit you Campaign for Admin Approval will take only few hours.
Your Campaign will be available to all workers as its active.

Q: What Type of Work I can propose to worker to do for me?
A: you can ask worker to do almost anything legal where you need lot of people to visit and follow your instructions, also you can Post a job for other work like if you need a logo designer, you can post a job and ask worker to submit proof as sample.

Q: I need Workers from USA only can I post for USA Job?
A: yes you can post a job for international workers around the world or for USA, UK, AU, CA residents only.

Q: How can I know if Worker is really from USA or EU countries?
A: When worker submit a proof you will get Worker Information along with Submitted proof to verify his country,

Q: Worker submitted wrong proof, what should I do?
A: you will mark worker as Not-satisfied and submit a reason ,worker will get notification in his mailbox on his account and he/she can reply you from for correction if there is minor mistake happened, you can reply him to guide, as you satisfied you can mark him back to satisfied & Paid. Worker will be paid only when you mark satisfied.

Q: My Campaign is finished and Some Worker I Marked not satisfied, not able to do my Work?
A: If you Campaign is finished with Not Satisfied Task(s), support team will Re-Active & delete all Not-satisfied task(s), your Campaign will be Available Again for new Workers.

Q: My total Job post is not completed yet and I want to stop the campaign.
A: you can stop or canceled your campaign, you money will be refunded instantly in your balance and campaign will be stopped. You can stop active campaign anytime. You can start next campaign immediately if you want.

Q:I have another question, what should I do?
A: please feel free to contact support by logging in your account, we will reply you as soon we read your message.

Read our Guidline and faq here