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FAQ Guidelines

For Workers:

  1. All Active members can also act and contract workers,
  2. Worker Must Complete a job and Submit proof specified by Employer
  3. Satisfaction of a job is entirely as the Employer's discretion
  4. Worker must be login on site once in 30 days or balance will expire


  1. Jobs marked as Satisfactory will get paid immediately after that
  2. Admin fees will be deducted and amount will be added to worker's balance
  3. Satisfactory Jobs will make your Success Rate increase


  1. Unsatisfactory Jobs will not receive payment
  2. Issues with Employers can be resolved via messages, otherwise contact Support

Member's Success Rate:

  1. Success rate calculation is calculated based on Satisfied and Not Satisfied jobs
  2. If a worker's Unsatisfactory Rate is high,worker will not be able to do more jobs or withdraw money.
  3. Admin has all rights to reset any workers rate if they think they have been wrongly marked Unsatisfactory

For Employers:

  1. Any member can become an Employer
  2. USA jobs will be visible to USA members only.
  3. International Jobs will be visible to all members
  4. Employer can not complete their own posted job

Job posting:

  1. Employer must post a fair Job for the payment offered
  2. Submit good and comprehensive details of job
  3. Campaign will be submitted to admin for approval
  4. Campaign will be available for all Workers / Specified countries
It is OK to ask Workers to:

    OK  Write an Article
    OK  Discuss, Review or Comment on your product or service in a forum or in other blogs
    OK  Follow you on Twitter
    OK  Blog about your product
    OK  Put your banner or link on their website
    OK  Upload or Download videos, applications, etc
    OK  Bookmark your website (Digg, Buzz, etc)
    OK  Join a Facebook group, Like your Facebook page
    OK  Add someone to Facebook, Myspace, etc. friends list
    OK  Vote for you, for a contest entry, an article, image or video
    OK  Sign up with your referral link
    OK  Subscribe to Newsletters, RSS feeds 


    We take spam & scam very seriously and we fight against it. In order to protect Employers we will not tolerate any action or any activity that could harm Employers' satisfaction.
    The goal is to ask Workers to help you do something you cannot do yourself, use their knowledge or their popularity to help you achieve your goals.

It is not acceptable to ask Workers to

    NO  Use a credit card
    NO  Provide bank account details
    NO  Sign up to websites requiring activation or membership fees
    NO  Use any form of payment
    NO  Spam or harm another website
    NO  Exchange money between payment systems
    NO  Disclose personal information
    NO  Sign-up for a free 14-day trial or similar offers that might risk payment charges after free trial expires, etc.
    NO  Click a banner and complete a form
    NO  Complete a survey as an offer, finish an offer, unlock a page, earn points, refresh a page X times, browse X pages, play a game, or similar tasks in order to complete a job
    NO  Create fake review of products or services
    NO  Perform more than 3 (connected) tasks in a single campaign
    NO  Asking for screenshots or requesting proofs to be emailed to personal accounts. All proofs must be placed in the proof box.


    All tasks promoting illegal activities or jobs we prefer not to feature, will be declined.

    All campaigns found to solicit contact information from Workers in order to initiate jobs, payments or other transactions outside of our site will automatically be terminated.

Canceled Jobs or finished by Employer
  1. If employer cancels a job, the amount gets deposited back instantly in Employer balance.

Checking proof

  1. Employer can check the submitted pending proof with worker`s location and details in Employer section
  2. Employer is responsible for approving or disapproving Jobs

Not Satisfied

  1. If Employer is Not Satisfied with Worker\'s job, they can mark job unsatisfactory and no payment will be granted
  2. Employer can see worker success rate and details of worker.


  1. When employer mark satisfied, worker get paid instantly

Referral Bonus Guideline.

  1. Members need to have an active account and click on create a referral link by accepting terms and conditions
  2. Members will get their referral link and can start inviting friends
  3. As the Friend / referral Signup and complete at least 1 successful job (marked satisfied) member\'s Signup Bonus will be granted
  4. Member can see their referral in my account section.

Referral banner

  1. Member can use the referral banner code to show banner on other websites or blogs.
  2. Any signup by clicking the banner will be under member referral.

Voucher Redeem / generate

Generate a Voucher
  1. Member can generate a voucher if they have sufficient balance in their withdrawable balance only.
  2. Voucher can not be generating with Non-withdraw able balance, including Redeemed voucher amount.
  3. Generated voucher amount will be Non Withdrawable amount and can be use for later and site only.
  4. Generated voucher code will be one time use only. Valid for 1 year from the date of generated.
  5. Voucher code will be emailed to member.
  6. Member can generate a Voucher and Send this code to their friends or to share balance.


Redeem a Voucher

  1. Members can redeem vouchers
  2. Non withdrawable redeem voucher will be added to non withdrawable balance
  3. Withdrawable redeem voucher (issued by admin) will be added to user's withdrawable balance
  4. Voucher code generated by member can not be used more than once.
  5. All member\'s generated voucher are one time use only and amount is Non-withdrawable and for site use only.


  1. Deposit options are available on deposit menu,
  2. Instant Payment via PayPal will add the balance to your account
  3. Other deposit methods (when available) may take few hours to appear in balance.


  1. Member must reach minimum allowed to withdraw
  2. Members can choose any available withdraw method on withdraw menu
  3. Admin fees may apply on all withdrawals
For more info please read our Terms and Conditions